About Us

World News Media is a multi-platform publisher of quality financial, business, technology and travel magazines. The company has built up a reputation for excellence across its portfolio, pursuing consumer quality on its business titles. The print editions reach an extensive global distribution network including newsstand space with major retailers and comprehensive airport, hotel and conference site placement. The titles also boast popular websites, video channels, digital editions and an ever-growing social media presence. The World News Media team comprises experienced journalists, editors, videographers, designers, developers and communications specialists


World News Media has been publishing quality content for decades. As we’ve grown and adapted to the increasingly digital marketplace, we’ve kept one thing in mind: Business readers want the same things consumers do - intelligent, engaging content, arresting visuals and great design.


With quality and reader experience as our focus, we have responded to a changing media marketplace, applying our expertise and craftsmanship to new platforms. They work as well online as they do in print and video. Whatever the platform, we put the reader first.


With our intimate knowledge of what readers want and how to give it to them, we're often asked by our many impressive commercial partners to assist with their internal and external communications. You can see what our creative team can achieve on this site. If we could help you get in touch: enquiries@wnmedia.com